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For over 25 years, KM Communications LLC has been a leader among electrical manufacturers’ representatives, serving California businesses from our base of operations in Campbell, CA. We have a passion and commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions from world class manufacturers, along with technical expertise and exceptional personalized service for every client, every time.

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Quality Products from Leading Brands

When it comes to microwave and RF components, quality means everything. As a leading electronics manufacturers’ representative operating from Campbell, CA, we pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality products from world-class manufacturers of components, subsystems and related services. We have a long history of excellent service with satisfied customers in the most demanding, high-tech companies in California.

Our product list includes a robust range of electronic parts and telecommunications components. Look for all the following items, among others, from proven OEMs and trusted manufacturing companies.

3H Communication Systems

  • RF Filters
  • Diplexers/Multiplexers
  • RF Frontends Solutions
  • Mullti-Function Assemblies

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Spacetime Engineering

  • Antenna Feeds 1Ghz to 140Ghz
  • RF Componentes
  • High Power
  • Low Loss 1 to 140GHz
  • -Feed Upgrades: C-Band through K-Band
  • -Specialized Services: RF Design, Analysis, Feeds and Certifications

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Atlas Manufacturing, Ltd.

  • Precision C.N.C machining
  • -Drilling, Tapping, Assembly
  • -Partners in your design

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Ciao Wireless

  • RF and Microwave Products, 30 KHz to 65 GHz
  • GaAs FET Amplifiers
  • Sub-Assemblies
  • Space Qualified Components
  • Radial Power Combiners/Dividers

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  • Automated alloy conversion
  • BGA and Flip-chip reballing
  • IC Testing
  • Obsolescence/Reclamation Solutions
  • PCB Services
  • R&D Modeling

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ENSIGN Power Systems, Inc.

  • Setting a standard of excellence in custom power supply design.
  • Military and Industrial Custom Power Supply Design & Manufacture.
  • Battery Backups

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QuinStar Technology, Inc.

  • Components
  • Subsystems and Integrated Assemblies
  • Engineering Services and Custom Products

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Soshin Electronics of America (Soshin Electric Co. Ltd)

  • Chip Couplers and Dividers
  • Multilayered Filters
  • Printed Filters
  • Chip Mica Capacitors
  • VCOs for PCS Frequencies, LC Filters, Delay Lines
  • EMI Filters, MTC Thermistors


Custom Microwave Components, Inc.

  • Solid State Switches
  • 10-40 GHz, (Pin Diode and GaAs)
  • SPST through SP16T
  • Pin Diode and GaAs Attenuators
  • Phase Shifters, Modulators, Limiters, Detectors
  • Power Dividers, Fixed Equalizers
  • Integrated Multi-Function Assemblies

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Relationship-Driven Solutions

We’ve built strong relationships with both vendors and customers, always providing timely follow-up on quotes and sample requests to get you the components you need, quickly and at a great price. We always seek to offer outstanding technical sales and support for principals and customers, maintaining a select inventory of differentiated products and service that provide value for businesses in a wide range of industries.

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KM Communications LLC is proud to provide quality electronics and telecom-specific components for clients throughout California. Learn more about the brands and products we represent by giving us a call today at 408-379-1122. We look forward to being your gateway between top OEM products and their application in the field.

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